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The Crimson Campaign
Brian McClellan


Influx - Daniel Suarez An OK read. Very fast-paced but also a bit too ludicrous and hollow.

The Language of Power

The Language of Power - Rosemary Kirstein Another strong entry in the Steerswoman series. Unfortunately and frustratingly the last. I have some ideas about what's going on but it's still very sad to not having more to read about Rowan.

The Outskirter's Secret

The Outskirter's Secret - Rosemary Kirstein, Rosemary Kiestein As good as the first one. Even though I loathe the mythical fighting desert people they were done very nicely in this book.

The Lost Steersman

The Lost Steersman - Rosemary Kirstein A bit weaker than the first two books. There was just too much exploration of a single topic. I think I know why the author did it, but I still didn't care for it. Still, a good book.

The Steerswoman

The Steerswoman - Rosemary Kirstein Delightful, fast read and a great entry to an interesting world. I saw the series (which is apparently not finished yet) being mentioned in /r/fantasy and decided that the blurb sounded interesting enough. And I am really glad I did. Looking at the genres assigned to this book my suspicions about the wizards seem confirmed. I just can't wait to learn more!

I also learned that the author is fighting breast cancer at the moment which just further encouraged me to purchase her books. It helps that they're good!

The Line Of Polity

The Line Of Polity - Neal Asher The Cormac story continues and improves. The stakes certainly are higher and I wonder where we'll go from here. Moving on to the Brass Man, which promises the return of an annoying villain.


Firefight - Brandon Sanderson Quite entertaining, although very much YA in a bad sense. Luckily Sanderson knows how to make up for that.


Gridlinked - Neal Asher Entertaining, fast-paced. A bit predictable, but ultimately fun.

Blood Rites

Blood Rites - Jim Butcher Finally done with Harry Dresden. While I quite enjoyed it at first, his character just made reading the series harder and harder. He is a self-righteous ass and his chauvinism becomes quite irritating.

Death Masks

Death Masks - Jim Butcher Harry Dresden is a self-righteous ass. I liked the series for its action and excitement, but his character is making it really hard to read the books. Not sure when I'll tackle the last Dresden book I have.

Promise of Blood

Promise of Blood - Brian  McClellan I bought the book when it was available crazy cheap. While I had heard of it before I was never interested. But I ended up liking this book a lot. Good writing, nice story, grippingly told.

Ice Forged

Ice Forged - Gail Z. Martin The writing was so-so. I felt a bit rushed through the story. And just way too many vampires for my taste. That bit should be advertised more.

The Guns of Avalon

The Guns of Avalon - Roger Zelazny Reading the series 20 years apart provides an interesting experience. I remember that as a teenager I wanted to be like Corwin, awesome and angry. As a somewhat adult I see the events more differentiated. Corwin does not seem nearly as awesome anymore.

The Burning Room

The Burning Room - Michael Connelly I wish the Harry Bosch series would never end. It's my favorite crime series and the quality has stayed consistently good for 19 books now.

The Hot Zone

The Hot Zone - Richard Preston I have come to think that Ebola is a thoroughly unpleasant experience.


Steelheart - Brandon Sanderson Pretty entertaining, fast-paced action story.