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Power of Gods: 2 (Legacy of the Watchers)

Power of Gods - Nancy Madore I received this book from the author with the request for a review. The series was new to me, so I had to start with The Hidden Ones, before moving on to Power of Gods.

To be honest, when I started reading I didn't expect much. My experience with books that cover religious history isn't too god, so you could say I was prejudiced.

Now that I have read both books I freely admit that I was positively surprised.

The author just uses all the religious folklore and ties it into a bundle with some hints at a deeper sci-fi background. All in all the result is quite entertaining.

But let's move on to Power of Gods. And please note that I am not going into any details, in order to avoid spoilers.

The second book in the Watchers series is more entertaining than the first one. Like in The Hidden Ones we follow three narrative strings, with Nadia and the Raphaelites being the central one that ties it all together.

This time only one narrative is in the past, the other two happen in parallel. The third one is again the origin story of a djinn. The fact that we don't have another Helene alone makes this book better than the first one. I really didn't care for that story.

The dynamic between the main characters was also better, especially towards the end. I like how the relationship between Nadia and Will developed.

I am not a huge fan of the main characters, as it is difficult for me to identify with any of them. I hope they gain some more depth in the next book.

The story felt better developed and paced. In The Hidden Ones everything just happens suddenly at the end. In this book the danger is more or less clear from the beginning.

The ending surprised me and I hope we get some insights into the ramifications of what happened.

Overall I enjoyed this book.