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Newton's Wake: A Space Opera - Ken MacLeod A very hard read. The problems started right at the beginning, when the future Scottish vernacular made me doubt the ebooks integrity. I don't know if native speakers have the same issues, but for me it was very hard tae read. It took some week until I was ready to give the book a second chance. This time it went a lot smoother, until somewhere between halfway and two thirds, when I stopped again. I finally finished it today, but it was a fight.

The main problem I had was that there's no continually likeable character in the whole book. The main character seems like a supporting character most of the time. Some of the supporting characters are good, but they don't appear often enough to help getting through the story.

The story is the second problem I had with this book. It felt incoherent, more like loosely connected short stories. There is this huge force mentioned throughout the book and when it finally makes an appearance this big buildup just deflates.